Index of Accountability

The Index covers the entire civil war period, between January 1980 and January 1992. It is based upon principles of contemporary international human rights law, materials published by Tutela Legal, and a two-year study of the Salvadoran military done by El Rescate. This study was essential to establishing command responsibility because it shows where particular officers served and when, as well as whether the unit which they commanded had geographical responsibility. The study’s innovation and digitized results provided the ability to cross-reference it with the violations database to create individual dossiers of abuses linked to each officer.

Reference Material:

Human Rights Quarterly; Volume 30, Number 3, August 2008; Author: Todd Howland

“How El Rescate, a Small Nongovernmental Organization, Contributed to the Transformation of the Human Rights Situation in El Salvador”

For instructions on how to access index, please contact the El Rescate’s Executive Director, Salvador Sanabria, at: (213)387-3284 x23 or email