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Salvador Sanabria

In 1980 was forced into exile by the military regime that governed El Salvador, as thousands of Salvadorans he came to Los Angeles area. One of his first concerns was to join hands and energies with other salvadoreans and americans to help the refugees fleeing civil war in his country and in 1981 helped in the foundation of El Rescate.

In 1986 he became a member of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front FMLN Political and Diplomatic Commission. Trained by the Harvard Negotiation Project he led the negotiations efforts with the United States government to put an end to the military confrontation in his nation.

He directly contributed to the successful agreements reached by the Government of El Salvador and the FMLN signed in Mexico City on January 16 1992. During the last round of negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in December of 1991 he conducted direct negotiations with the United States Assistant Secretary for Inter American Affairs, the United States Ambassador in El Salvador and the Chief of the United States Military Group in El Salvador.

After the end of the war he returned to El Salvador and helped to create the Central American Foundation for Human Sustainable Development FUCAD and since has worked in developing public policies and local development. Given his experience in conflict resolutions he has been invited to lecture and assist in sharing his experience with other nations in crisis. In June 1997 he was invited by the Foundation for a Civil Society of New York and the Eastern Europe Center for Strategic Studies of London to participate in a conflict resolution workshop with the Bosnia warring factions.

In November of 2001 he began working at El Rescate a non-profit community based organization, as an invited researcher to develop a cooperation program between the North American Integration and Development Center at UCLA, El Rescate and FUCAD on the transnational experience and the work of salvadoreans Home Town Associations in local development projects back home.

In July 2002 he was appointed as Economic Development Director, structuring a partnership between the Water and Power Community Credit Union and other financial services providers and El Rescate to provide financial services to un-bank and underserved immigrants in Los Angeles area.

In March of 2004 he joined other professionals, community activists and housing experts in creating New American Community Housing Development Corporation, a California Non-Profit Organization with a mission of empowering the community with the creation of equity and assets and financial education. In October of 2005 he participated in the elaboration of the El Salvador Human Development Report 2005 of the United Nations Development Program, focused on the effect of migrations on the present and future o El Salvador.

In May of 2006 he was named Executive Director of El Rescate, with the mandate of the Board of Directors to undertake the restructuring of the organizations programs to better serve the immigrant community with a transnational scope and to advocate the combat of the causes of migrations in the nations of origin and human trafficking.

He is also a funding member and Vice President of Salvadorans in the World an international network of immigrant’s community organizations, women organizations, business owners, artists, academics and labor activists, in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia, that promotes the economic, social and political empowerment of immigrants from El Salvador in their countries or residence.

Mr. Sanabria is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Central American Round Table Inc. a group dedicated to defend the civil and human rights of Central American in the United States.

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